<olib>Olib is an island in Zadar archipelago, located just a bit eastern of Silba Island. The island iteslf is a very low and flat , with highest peaks Kalac - only 72 meters and Poljina, 34 m hight .

The largest bay is Olib located on the western part of Olib Island. Olib is as well the only place on the island and it dates back to Roman times. Historically, the island Olib was inhabited by Romans, and it is firstly mentioned in documents from the 10th century as Aloep Island. In the cove of Banve there are remnants of a settlement dating from Roman times.

Ferries to Olib:

Olib is connected to the mainland by ferry to Zadar via Islands Silba and Premuda. The journey takes about 2 hrs (the ferry is run by Jadrolinija ferry company) - See all ferries to Olib Island

The Important buildings on the Olib island:

olib churchParish Church Assumption of Mary (left photo) with it's collection of antiquities including Glagolitic codices in the treasury of the parish rectory ( dating back from 17th century). Olib Island has 5 churches.

Tower ' Kastel' (right photo) dating back from 17th century) built for protection from pirates. Ruins of Sv.Paval Church and monastery, abandoned in 13th century. All of these buildings are located in Olib .

The main production on the Olib Island is local wine, olive oil and olives as well as cheese. Olib has no water sources, but it has an undersea pipeline bringing mainland's to the island. It also has many pheasants and rabbits. Some consider Olib's cheese is better than the more famous one made on Pag....

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