peljesac peninsulaThe Peljesac peninsula covers a large area west of Dubrovnik. Peninsula is connected to the Croatian mainland with small strip of land, so Peljesac is almost an island itself. Peljesac has neat architecture as well as pleasurable scenery. Peljesac is well known for red wines Postup and Dingac, that are grown for hundreds of years in vineyards along south slopes of Peljesac Peninsula. Peljesac has a lot of good beaches, and beach Trstenica, near Orebic and Mokalo is a nice pebble beach that faces breathtaking views of Korcula Archipelago.

Peljesac is connected by ferry from Ploce on Croatian mainland, as well as with ferry with Korcula Island that leaves from Orebic and journey takes about fifteen minutes. Read about how to get to Peljesac by bus from Dubrovnik.

Map of Peljesac Peninsula:

peljesac map

Map of Peljesac Peninsula

Visitors can thoroughly enjoy the Peljesac's magnificent scenery. There are many walking paths found around beaches, coves and seaports where one can enjoy first hand beautiful surroundings, traditional culture and history on the Peljesac. Nature trails, cycling and mountaineering are all recommended.

For those that like a challenge, climbing to the highest peak of the Peljesac, Mt Ilija (961 m) could be interesting. Tourists will be delighted with the clearly marked trails and will be rewarded with amazing panoramic views of the islands of Korcula, Mljet and Lastovo. (It is advisable to take plenty of water with you in the summer months!). The Orebic Mountaineering Society can provide expert guides for larger groups.

Places on Peljesac

  • Orebic - a town located on the seashore near the pebble beach Trstenica and bellow a beautiful mountains Sveti Ilija behind. Orebic provides lot of opportunities for walking along the coast as well as mountain walking or cycling ... Read more about Orebic...
  • Viganj , a small village close to Orebic is reputed to be the best place for windsurfing on the whole of the Adriatic. read more about Viganj...
  • Ston - small town on the very beginning of Peljecas. A pretty place, famous in Croatia for oysters as well as other shellfish...Read more about STON..
  • Janjina, a village located in the central part of Peljecas peninsula, along the main road from Ston to Orebic. It's placed about 2 km from Drace bay, a lovely little bay with clear sea water and small pebble beach. Janjina is sleepy place, well known for it's vineyards and olives. Read more about Janjina
  • Trpanj is a place located on northern shore of Peljesac Peninsula, facing Croatian Mainland that developed near a Roman villa, of which fragments of mosaics and walls are still to be found in the old graveyard. Trpanj is a place one will arrive by ferry from Ploce on the way to Orebic and Korcula Island. Trpanj has couple of good pebble beaches surrounded by pine trees and Mediterranean vegetation. Trpanj has plenty of opportunities for sea bathing and fishing too. Read more about Trpanj
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