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Croatia is well connected with various bus routes from abroad as well as within the country itself. There are express buses and coaches which cover longer distances and are very comfortable. Most of them are air conditioned too. Bus travel around Croatia is not expensive, there is variety of route choice and the new motorways in parts of the country have reduced journey times too.

Bus Stop in Croatian is called " Autobusna Stanica ". For Bus Terminals the term used in Croatian is "Autobusni Kolodvor". Read about Travelling by bus to Croatia

Croatia is connected by regular international bus routes with Slovenia, Austria, France, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia and other European countries. A very widespread network of local bus routes enables the passengers to easily reach Croatia, Zagreb and Split, and all other travel destinations.

Bus Travel in Croatia Forum - Getting around by bus in Croatia - for questions and answers about travelling by bus in Croatia.

Bus Terminals in Croatia:

Zagreb Bus Terminal ( Autobusni Kolodvor Zagreb) - info website about Bus Terminal in Zagreb with search facilities. Croatian Language only

Split Bus Terminal (Autobusni Kolodvor Split )

    21000 Split
    Obala kneza Domagoja 12
    Telephones: 021 338 469, 060 327 327
    Fax: 021 338 540

  • Split Bus MapBus station Split is located in the very centre of the city, right next to city harbour and railway station. This serchable website offers updated timetable for bus journeys within Croatia as well as some European destination. Information for prices, available seats and reservations: 060/327-777 or information window at the bus station.

Dubrovnik Bus Terminal (Autobusni kolodvor Dubrovnik)

  • 20000 Dubrovnik
    Put Republike 38
    Telephones: 060 305 070
    Fax: 020 357 126

Bus Terminal Osijek ( Autobusni kolodvor Osijek)

  • 31000 Osijek
    Trg Lavoslava Ružičke 2
    Telephones: 060 33 44 66

Bus Terminal Autobusni kolodvor Pula

  • 52100 Pula
    Šijanska cesta 4
    Telephones: 052 500 012
    Fax: 052 535 158

Bus Terminal Autobusni kolodvor Rijeka

Bus Terminal Autobusni kolodvor Šibenik

Bus Terminal Autobusni kolodvor Zadar

  • 23000 Zadar
    Ante Starčevića 1
    Telephones: 023 211 555
    Fax: 023 340 312

Bus Terminal Autobusni kolodvor Zagreb

10000 Zagreb
Avenija Marina Držića 4
Telephones: 060 313 333, (01) 6008 631
Web: www.akz.hr

Varazdin Bus Terminal ( Autobusni Kolodvor Varazdin) http://www.ap.hr/

Bus Companies in Croatia

Please see the following websites for timetable and price details. (Unfortunately, some are in Croatian only!)

Read about Travelling by bus to Croatia

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