Zagreb1Zagreb is a capital of Croatia. It lies on the crossroads of important routes between the Adriatic coast and Central Europe. the city has it’s own airport  – Pleso. Zagreb as a city has Baroque ambience of the Gornji Grad, charming markets, various shopping facilities, as well as choice of various small and larger restaurants and hotels.

Zagreb is a city of green parks and walks, with many places to visit. Zagreb still keeps its charm, and a atmosphere that makes it a unique city. Zagreb has rich historical and cultural heritage that has roots in Central European urban culture, enriched by Mediterranean and Balkan traditions. The city population is about one million. It has good public transport ( Zagreb Tram , Zagreb Airport Bus) clean streets and squares, well kept parks, twenty theatres and over forty museums and galleries. Its numerous neo-classical buildings, spacious boulevards and squares reminds one of Vienna. Zagreb city centre consists of four districts: Trg Bana Jelacica – Zagreb’s main square, Kaptol and Gornji Grad with it’s hilly location in the centre with cathedral and government’s buildings, Gradec with it’s charming squares and leafy streets and Donji grad – a busy business centre of Zagreb.

Some of the articles about Zagreb:

Accommodation in Zagreb

t-zagreb1The accommodation offer in Zagreb is rich and diverse, and thus suitable for everyone’s price range. The hotels range between large premium hotels operating within renowned chains to small private inns. The accommodation categories are marked by stars and the prices of rooms and other services depend on the category. One of the advantages of Zagreb is the availability of accommodation in the very centre of the city. This is where you will find the most luxurious hotels like the Sheraton and Esplanade, as well as much more affordable ones. Generally speaking, the hotel accommodation is at a high level, the rooms are neat and the service is good. Most hotels offer a parking lot and some have a garage. At the moment, Zagreb has 3 5-star hotels, 11 4-star hotels, 21 3-star hotels and 8 2-star hotels. 13 of them are small family hotels. Visitors can also choose between numerous private rooms and apartments, while a dozen hostels and hotels are available for younger people arriving in the Croatian capital while discovering Europe.

Motorway Rijeka – Zagreb construction continues

According to Croatian press, the works on the external sections of the Rijeka-Zagreb motorway resumed at the beginning of January. Read more » Similar Info About Travel to Croatia You May Like: Rijeka-Zagreb... Read more »

Zagreb - Festival of Extravagant BodiesZagreb – Festival of Extravagant Bodies

Extravagant Bodies is an art event, dealing with the politics of normality. The Festival takes place from 12th to 15th December in Zagreb. Extravagant Bodies is a collaborative, intermedia and interdisciplinary... Read more »

Night Train service from Zagreb to Sarajevo

According to the announcement by Željeznice Federacije Bosne i Hercegovine (Bosnian Railways), the new night train service for Zagreb–Sarajevo trainline will be introduced from the beginning of... Read more »

Exhibition of German Expressionists in Zagreb

An exhibition of German Expressionists is currently opened at the Gallery Klovićevi Dvori in Zagreb. The exhibition features 120 graphics and drawings by artists from one of the most powerful movements... Read more »

The Museum of Contemporary Art in ZagrebThe Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb

The Museum of Contemporary Art (Muzej Suvremene Umjetnosit MSU)  the largest museum institution in Croatia and the largest cultural institution since the independence of Croatia has recently been opened... Read more »

Rural tourism around Zagreb

Tourist can visit numerous country estates around the Croatian capital of Zagreb, which will bring the local customs, the authentic lifestyle and local specialties closer to them. Some of the estates... Read more »

Zagreb: ZGRAF 10 Exhibition

If you happened to be in Zagreb sometime before 25th of May, try not to miss ZGRAF  – an international triennial exhibition of graphic design and visual communications that is held in Zagreb since... Read more »

Zagreb Sport and Boat Show 2008Zagreb Sport and Boat Show 2008

Zagreb Sport and Boat Show is currently going on in Zagreb, Croatia.  Read more » Similar Info About Travel to Croatia You May Like: 16th International Sport and Boat Show in Zagreb If you happened... Read more »

Zagreb - 3rd New Circus FestivalZagreb – 3rd New Circus Festival

The third edition of Zagreb contemporary circus festival will be held from 28th of November untill 3rd of December in Zagreb, Croatia. Read more » Similar Info About Travel to Croatia You May Like: Croatian... Read more »

New gay bar opened in Zagreb

According to Croatian gay portal, the gay scene in the capital city of Zagreb is just getting more and more interesting. Read more » Similar Info About Travel to Croatia You May... Read more »