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  • Hostels, Apartments and Private Rooms in Croatia: Private accommodation represent an important source of income for Croatian families. There is a strong and long tradition of renting-out rooms and holiday apartments along coastal part of Croatia as well as Croatian Islands… read more
  • Camping : Enjoying such a warm climate and welcoming landscape, camping in Croatia was always popular accommodation mode among Croatians as well as foreign visitors, especially during the summer school holidays along Croatian coast of Adriatic and it’s islands… read more
  • Accommodation in Slavonia: As of recently, tourist accommodation has become very good in Slavonia. Browse hotels, hostels and other kind of accommodation areound Slavonia and Baranja

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Hostels in Croatia, offering accommodation to travellers or backpackers, provide budget accommodation where one can rent a bed, or bunk bed, in a dormitory with shared bathrooms, common rooms and sometimes a kitchen. Rooms are mixed or single-sex, and some hostels offer private single, double or triple rooms too. Hostels in Croatia are generally cheaper than Croatian hotels (rates are considerably lower) and most of hostels offer opportunity to share books, brochures, info leaflets, videos, DVDs and any other useful traveler’s items. Hostels are an excellent alternative for solo travellers as they offer informal environment with more opportunities to socialize in dormitory accommodation, have cosier common rooms (living rooms) and self-catering option gives you also opportunity to socialise in kitchen, while preparing meal, so it is easy to meet a travelling companion, if you wish.. Because this kind of accommodation is so popular, you should reserve your place well in advance…read more about hostels in Croatia

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