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Adriatic closer to visitors

The motorway network in Croatia is becoming longer and longer, so it is now safe to say that this is a country having one of the most developed road infrastructures in Europe.

The construction of the remaining 14.5-kilometer-long sections of the ZagrebRijeka Motorway contributed to this. Last October, the construction of the full profile of the motorway connecting the Croatian capital with Rijeka was completed.

Thanks to this, visitors to Croatia,  arriving by road in the North Adriatic from European countries will have a more pleasant and faster trip than ever. In addition, the wooded and increasingly interesting Gorski Kotar, the Croatian capital city of Zagreb and other continental destinations are now even closer to guests taking their holidays in the North Adriatic, so they will be able to enjoy an even more extensive excursion program.

The length of the Zagreb-Rijeka Motorway is 146.4 kilometers and it only takes 1 hour and fifteen minutes to travel the distance between the two cities. The motorway has 13 tunnels of the overall length of 10.3 kilometers and six bridges of 1.7 kilometers.

The Zagreb-Rijeka Motorway is part of the European E65 route and part of the pan-European 5b corridor going via Zagreb to the border crossing with Hungary (Gori?an) and further to Budapest.

Concurrently with the opening of the remaining part of the Zagreb-Rijeka Motorway, the section between the Gori?an border crossing on the Croatian side and the Letenye border crossing on the Hungarian side and the bridge on Mura were opened, thanks to which the full-profile motorway now connects Budapest and Rijeka.
The motorway stretches for 263.7 kilometers in Croatia.

In Hungary, where intensive work has also been done on its construction, the motorway is 232.5 kilometers long. Visitors from Budapest will now be able to reach the Croatian Adriatic in less than five hours by car, which will surely be another reason for the traditionally numerous tourists from Central and Eastern Europe to visit Croatia.

Read more about roads in Croatia and visit Autocesta Rijeka-Zagreb site at www.arz.hr

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