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Adriatic Skyways to operate flights out of Dubrovnik


The newest airline in Croatia’s sky, Adriatic Skyways, has announced plans to operate flights out of Dubrovnik this summer. The airline, which hopes to inaugurate services in April, plans to launch flights to Mostar and Zagreb as well as several other European cities.

The announcement came after the CEO of Adriatic Skyways, Berry van Eeuwijk, met with the mayor of Dubrovnik where the two sides discussed potential cooperation. The mayor explained the city’s policy on subsidies for the aviation sector.

The two sides will meet again where an agreement on subsidising some of Adriatic Skyways’ flights will be made. The city has already purchased up to 50.000 tickets from Croatia Airlines for travel this summer, which it will then sell at reduced prices through travel agents.

Adriatic Skyways plans to launch flights this summer season with Fokker 50 and Fokker 100 aircraft. The new airline has joined forces with the Dutch carrier Denim Air whose aircraft will operate on behalf of Adriatic Skyways.

The new carrier will utilise the Dutch airline’s air operator’s certificate (AOC), allowing it to inaugurate flights more easily and bypass additional bureaucratic procedures in Croatia. Adriatic Skyways will operate a mix of both scheduled and charter flights. “Adriatic Skyways has been established to promote and develop airline traffic from the Balkan region”, Mr. Eeuwijk says.

With Croatia’s entry into the European Union last summer, a flurry of new airlines have announced plans to open up bases across the country including Air Croatia, Libertas Air, Adriatic Skyways and a new, yet to be named, carrier which intends to base itself in Zadar.

In addition, Ryanair opened up its own base in the city last year. For airlines registered within the EU, operating flights from Croatia to other EU countries has become less expensive since they are now considered as domestic services, in turn reducing taxes.

(source: http://exyuaviation.blogspot.co.uk/)

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