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Airport Transfers and Taxi in Croatia

Johnnie Kazija of Johnnie Trade wrote a good article about taxies and airport transfers in Croatia :

Tips for Smart Road Travel in Croatia:

Croatia has not exactly been on the top of the charts when it comes to the world’s best tourist destinations. But for people who want to enjoy natural beauty that is untainted by excessive commercialization, Croatia is fast picking up as a popular holiday spot.
Easy accessibility and the operation of low cost airlines like Ryan Air to this area have further encouraged tourist traffic to Croatia. However, since most of us are not too well aware about Croatia and its infrastructural facilities, travel and stay are major considerations for people visiting this country either for pleasure or on business. But thanks to a number of internet based companies that offer transportation in the form of taxi services and airport transfers, you can easily take care of all your conveyance needs even before you leave for Croatia. While choosing a taxi service in Croatia, keep the points mentioned below in mind if you want to take care of your travel needs both efficiently and economically:

If you want to engage a taxi in Croatia, then make sure that you do it with a web based service. There are a number of professional taxi services that let you book airport transfers or taxis in Croatia online. This way, you can land in Croatia without worrying about how you will get to your hotel or to another nearby city or destination from the airport. Booking online is especially helpful during tourist season when local taxis are both unavailable and expensive. In case you do not want to book a car for yourself, then you can book your seat on an airport shuttle or airport transfer minibus that will pick you up from the airport on your arrival and deliver you to your destination without your having to shell out megabucks since you can share the cost with other co-passengers.

Whenever you book someone for your airport transfers , it is a good idea to ensure that the drivers of your taxi in Croatia speak English and are well versed with all the roads that you might have to travel on. Most of the best taxi services in Croatia will assign you drivers who can take you wherever you want and provide you with all the information you need. Since no one will ever charge you extra for an English speaking driver, specify that you want one while booking with your taxi service. Apart from this, go for a service that does not charge you anything extra if your flight gets delayed. Also make sure that you know the rates you will be paying for each and every service rendered instead of getting unpleasantly shocked on seeing the bill.

If you are traveling with a group or with your family, then you can book yourself on a minibus or an airport shuttle service in Croatia with one of the online taxi companies. This would not only ensure that you find reliable and assured transportation when you land at the airport in Croatia, but it will also let you get the best prices possible. If you are traveling to Croatia with your family or if you are going there for the first time, then you should definitely book your taxi or airport shuttle service through the internet or on the phone a couple of days before landing there. It is also a good idea to call up or email your airport shuttle or taxi service right before you board your plane in order to remind them once again about your arrival.

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