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Early Croatian ART: Pre-Romanesque ART in Croatia: Early Croatian Art – Across the coastal regions of Croatia, there are many monuments from early medieval times, dating from the periods of Late Antiquity to Romanesque. This historic epoch in Europe is usually referred to as the Dark Ages, due to the lack of the written documents and monuments, which witnessed it. Political turmoil, wars, migrations, a disintegration of the old order and formation of the new states and nations across Europe marked the era of destruction and creation of new styles

Art Galleries in Croatia

Mestrovic’s Gallery – The largest collection of Mestrovic’s works from all of his phases is deposited in the Gallery. Bronze sculptures are on display in the park. Artworks out of marble, stone, wood, bronze, oil paintings and an assortment of drawings are on display in the halls of the gallery.

Ivan Mestrovic Foundation – In 1952, a contract of donation was concluded between Ivan Mestrovic and the People’s Republic of Croatia, by means of which Ivan Mestrovic donated to the people of Croatia his family house and atelier in Zagreb (later adapted into an exhibition space – the Mestrovic Atelier), the family villa with ateliers in Split (which later also became an exhibition space – the Ivan Mestrovic Gallery), the sacral and art complex Kastelet-Crikvine in Split, and the Mestrovic family vault – The Most Holy Redeemer Church near Otavice. The donation also included several Mestrovic’s works of art, which became the bases of the museum holdings of the mentioned institutions.

Croartgallery : independent space for emerging artists

Croartgallery offers for viewing award-winning work of emerging Croatian artists who have proven their quality through a number of solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad, as well as buy their work directly over the Internet .http://www.croartgallery.com/

ART Gallery Balen is an independent gallery for contemporary art, which was founded in 1997 in the city of Slavonski Brod. We aim to make the latest trends in international art available to and relevant for a regional public, as well as to present local artists in that context.

Agency E&A – Established in 1998, the E&A Agency specializes in the preparation, production and distribution of graphic prints, focusing primarily on the graphic expression of Mersad Berber.

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Croatian Artists

  • MAXIMILIAN VANKA (1889-1963) – Croatian painter – celebrated as the finest Croatian portraitist in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Lived for long years in USA , but had his house and studio in Korcula, Croatia. His studio is currently arranged as Memorial Collection of Maximillian Vanka in Korcula. For more info about M.Vanka life and work have a look at following link: : Maxo Vanka
  • Frano Krsinic (1897-1982) Artist – Sculptor – a sculptor from Lumbarda, coming from long tradition of family Krsinic stonemasons. He was one of the founders of Croatian Academy of Fine Arts were the great names of Croatian sculpture, painting and graphic arts were involved. He was one of the founders of Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts and a prominent member of Group ZEMLJA (‘Earth’), a group of artists, architects and intellectuals active in Zagreb from 1929 to 1935.
  • Hrvoje Kapelina – Croatian painter – visit his home page
  • Smiljan Strihic – Art Photographer from Croatia
  • Ivo Didovic – Croatian Painter, living and working in Croatia as well as Germany
  • Vladimir Beck – Painter , working in Croatia as well as Sweeden.
  • Antonio Blaskovic – Cartoon artist , working in Dubrovnik and Split, Croatia
  • Art Kunstwereld from Slavko Dujic – Croatian painter http://www.slavko-dujic.com
  • Oil on canvas:: Zeliæ Ðuro – Portrait,Icon,lanscape in Vojvodina. All painting its for sale.You may also order paintings with motives which you choose or from your photography.