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Authentic Cuisine from Vis Island


In yesterday’s edition of Guardian.co.uk, the article about food and drink of Vis Island has been published.
There is also a 9 minute video accompanying the article that features some local klapa music and comments of local people about Vis, its history farming, fishing, making wine and singing. The title of the video is “Life in the slow lane on the Croatian island of Vis“.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Vis cuisine: as authentic as the island itself –  The Croatian island of Vis has carved out a modest niche with its traditional cuisine, with tiny ‘restaurants’ – little more than a few tables in somebody’s house – offering simple but delicious fare…Never exactly a bustling tourist spot, Vis has carved out for itself a modest niche with this traditional cooking, with tiny “restaurants” – little more than a few tables set up in somebody’s house – starting to pop up. And it is precisely the island’s laid-back feel, combined with an understanding and appreciation of fresh produce and fish, that make Vis cuisine so delightful. The people of this Adriatic island are far from lazy, but they do follow their own rhythm – a lifestyle dictated by the seasons, weather, and the simple fact of being surrounded by a vast blue sea – and the food is equally straightforward and authentic…

Read the whole article and watch the video here

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