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Autumn in Jelenje

jelenje croatiaAfter the summer attractions and numerous cultural events staged in the area of Jelenje, situated in the Rijeka hinterland in Gorski Kotar region, the local tourism professionals are getting themselves ready for the autumn tourism season – attractive on account of the autumn-coloured landscapes.There is, therefore, no lack of news again this year. The first tourism guidebook of the region was recently published, acquainting tourists with the most beautiful natural localities, the wealth of history, the cultural points of interest, accommodation capacities and sporting events, the best of which is the automobile racing track in Grobnik. The guidebook features a detailed map and all of the key service information that could be of interest to tourists.

As of this autumn, along with the existing attractions, tourists can also tour the new Heritage Museum (Zavicajni muzej) in Martinovo selo. Situated next to an attractive mill, the Heritage Museum portrays a rich ethnological collection of the entire region – especially attractive is the kitchen, which appears to have sprung forth from the 18th century. Tourists will be able to see a collection of old implements, weapons, folk garb, clothing, traditional decorations, tools and household utensils.

Old paraphernalia, customs and trades, which tourists can see for themselves if they visit an old blacksmith‘s shop in Dražice, are just a small part of the tourism offer in the Grobnik area. That is precisely why several new specialised guidebooks are in the works, like a guidebook for cyclists, already in print, and brochures that will acquaint alpinists and interested hikers with the most attractive outdoor locations in the area, among which are most certainly the Rjecina River, which has become a favourite place for gatherings of fishers and excursion-goers, and the alpine house on Hahlic.

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