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biokovo1Biokovo is the largest and highest mountain in Dalmatia. It rises vertically from the Adriatic Coast to the height of 1762 m.

The mountain is a branch of Dinaric Alps structure, a mountain chain that stretches from Slovenia, through Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina via Montenegro to Albania. Biokovo, as well as Velebit Mountain, is the only part of Dinaric Alps that gets so close to the sea.

The mountain has 16 different peaks that are higher of 1400 m. Major peaks include Sv. Ilija – 1640 m, Sibenik – 1314 m, Stropac – 1145 m, Vrsac – 1411 m, Sinjal – 1333 m.

Because of its geographical position, the mountain that has continental as well as Mediterranean climate, so various plant species of both worlds meet and live next to each other. There are a lot of caves and pits around the park and very often one can meet wild muflon as well as various bird species and foxes too.

The Biokovo Botanical Garden Kotisina has been established in 1984 above the village of Kotisina, a horticultural monument (16.5 hectares) aimed at nature conservation and protection of the Biokovo plant life.

The views from Biokovo are spectacular – on a clear day one can see all Dalmatian islands as well as large part of Dalmatian coast to the south, and to the north, towns of Vrgorac and Imotski and their surrounding villages. Sometimes, when it’s very clear, one can see a peak of Monte Gargano in Italy too.

biokovo2The coastal town of Makarska, that lies on the very south edge of Biokovo is seen from Biokovo as an amazing bay with tiny little houses placed in the rows around it.

The nature park Biokovo dominating above Makarska Riviera is the good destination for botanists as well as walkers, hikers and cyclist.

Biokovo is the mountain that one can visit either by car or bicycle as well as on foot from various parts of Adriatic coast and Makarska Riviera.

There is a public transport service going from Makarska and surrounding area to Biokovo Mountain. Access from the coast: Makarska – Makar – Vosac – Sveti Jure (5 hrs 30 min) or Makarska – Tucepi – Staza – Sveti Jure (asphalted road, 31 km).

Accommodation near Biokovo:

Hotels in Makarska, Baska Voda, Brela, Tucepi and Gradac are nearest places to Biokovo one can stay.

  • Above photo is a view to Biokovo mountain from Korcula Island (click to enlarge)
  • More info on Biokovo Mountain Nature Park > Contact: park-prirode-biokovo@st.tel.hr Park Prirode BIOKOVO Trg Tina Ujevica 1/III, 21300 Makarska: www.biokovo.com