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Boat Repairs and Boat Maintenance in Croatia

repairFor pleasant and unhindered sailing, sailors and charter companies need access to quality boat and yacht preparation for the sailing season and the safe knowledge that any breakdowns occurring during sailing can be quickly and professionally repaired.

Croatia has made significant steps forward in precisely this segment of its offer.

Numerous authorised boat service stations for motors, equipment and sailing tackle are spread along the Croatian coastline.

Their service employees are constantly upgrading their qualifications in order to stay in pace with new technical developments.

Several shipyards and overhaul shipyards are capable of carrying out any service work relating to the maintenance and overhaul of large and top line luxury yachts, the best known among them being the Punat Shipyard on the island of Krk, the Heli Shipyard in Pula, the NCP Overhaul Shipyard in Šibenik, the Betina Shipyard on the island of Murter and many others.

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