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Brvnara – A Wooden House in Lika

wooden house brvnara in Lika, CroatiaIn Croatian region of Lika , in small village of Milinkovici, near Smiljani, it is still possible to see the sample of original rural wooden house called brvnara.

The above picture is taken for Vecernji List newspaper, that published it as interesting sample of the dying rural Croatian Architecture.

The photo was taken in the winter, so brvnara’s roof is covered with the snow .

Lika is a densely forested area of Croatia and because of that, village houses were often built of huge pieces of wood (locally called “brvna” – hence the name of the house) as that material was more obtainable than any other. The lower part of the houses “brvnara” were made of either earth / mud or concrete, while roof was made out of thatch or similar material.

Nowadays, people from Lika tent to use modern materials to build their houses, so sadly, “brvnara” is not seen often any more…

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