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Camp Slatina at Cres Island wins another award

Camp Slatina, operating with Jadranka kampovi headquartered in Mali Lošinj, won a high award for innovative environmental protection ideas at a specialized camping fair in Lyon.

The camp is situated in Martinš?ica on the island of Cres, and is known in both Croatian and international circles for its unique solutions, the most interesting among them being the Camping Cum Cane project.

The essence of it is in creation of coexistence between the guests arriving with their dogs and other guests staying in the same camp.

Mutual tolerance is based on creation of conditions for dogs in the camp without interfering with other guests. This is enabled by the rules – all registered dogs must wear id tags, there is a designated toilet area and the dog owners must comply with the rules of hygiene in the camp. The camp also
provides a dog shower area and a dog promenade.

Camp Slatina also applies other innovative environmental protection solutions, while the introduction of the ISO 9001 standard, determining and implementing quality standards, and the ISO 14001 environmental protection standard, played an important role in the presentation of the award.

The value added to this award is the fact that the camp award comes from the French travel market for the first time. As of this year, the rich facilities in the camp have been supplemented by additional ones such as bathroom facilities for children, changing area, family bathrooms for rent, ironing area and many other facilities.
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