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Castle Odescalchi in Principovac near Ilok renovated

Ilocki podrumi company recently finished the renovation of the war torn and abandoned summer residence of the Odescalchi noble family that was damaged during the homeland war in Principovac.

This was the estate of the Italian Odescalchi family, which was given to them, as well as surrounding lands in Srijem, by the Austrian Emperor Leopold in 1697.

The summer residence is located in one of the most beautiful vineyard areas of Ilok, Principovac which because of the heights it dominates is called “the roof of western Srijem” by the people of Ilok. The estate is located in the centre of a large plantation which stretches over around 87 hectares of agricultural land and around the residence itself there are about 15000 m2 of grassland.

After being renovated, the four star residence has become the only hotel building in Ilok. Asides from an attractive restaurant that can hold a hundred guests, it has five two bedded apartments as well as a luxuriously furnished President’s apartment that covers an area of 120 m2.

 The total investment by “Ilocki podrumi” in the development hall should start that will cover an area of around 850 m2. of the tourist-hospitality offer in Ilok in the last two years, Guests in Principovac can use the numerous sports facilities, alongside the planned investment for this year and the tennis and badminton courts, 4 km of asphalted road for following year will reach an amount of around 35 million cycling, paths through the vineyard, tourist train rides and HRK.

In the autumn they are able to take part in the grape harvest as well as try top quality wines from the Srijem vineyards. They can also use the panoramic lift which takes them to the summer residence from where they can see the whole of Ilok, Srijem and Backa in Vojvodina.

 By advancing with its tourist offer, which now can satisfy those guests with a deeper pocket, “Ilocki podrumi” have put Ilok itself on the map in capital letters as an elite tourist destination. The firm “Ilocki podrum” purchased the annex of the Odescalchi castle complex, an impressive building built on the foundations of the castle of King Nikola Ilok.

This was built in the 15th century and is located on the old town centre of Ilok above the old cellars. The medieval castle and the entire Ilok estate were given to Pope Innocent XI Odescalchi and his family by Emperor Leopold as a reward for helping to liberate Ilok from the Ottomans. In this period it covered most of the Srijem area. After the war and exile, the castle which is a protected cultural monument was renovated and restored and the contemporary museum of the town of Ilok was returned to it.

The renovated three star annex is made up of 18 accommodation units and extends and enriches the offer of the old cellars which are visited annually by numerous visitors.

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  • nada on February 16th, 2010 10:51 pm

    we would like to see some photos after the renovation,in and outside

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