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Construction of New Passenger Terminal at Zagreb Airport


The construction of a new passenger terminal of the Zagreb Airport is proceeding as planned and in accordance with the agreed time frame, it was said on Wednesday at the new terminal’s construction site and according to schedule.


The terminal should be finished by the end of this year, while side roads, access roads and viaducts should be completed in spring 2016. The new terminal is scheduled to be opened in March 2017.


The construction of the new Zagreb Airport is an investment worth 331 million euro. The new terminal will spread over the area of 65 000 square metres.


Viadukt Viadukt, Kamgrad, Zagreb Montaža Grupa i KFK Tehnika are the companies that are doing the construction work. There are about 1950 people that are currently working on the airport’s site.

All Photos: Facebook/VladaRH

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