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Continental Croatia – The Heritage of Baranja

etno village karanac baranjaBaranja, a region situated in the far north-east of Croatia , this year is seeng the launch of the renewal of several new tourism projects with the aim of renewing traditional heritage.

One of the most interesting of these projects is the Ethno Street of Forgotten Times were intensive works are already under way. The street is located in the village of Karanac, in the very heart of Baranja, well known of its attractive offer of rural tourism.

This is the popular Baranja House, a rural home behind which the mentioned “street of memories” is being built. Etno zbirka obitelji Sklepi? aka Baranja House broaden its offer so the street features traditional Slavonian corn storage sheds too.

The most funds will be invested into the renovation of the landing dock at the Kopacki rit Nature Park.  Along with the landing dock an awning with a belvedere will be built on the site of the old Komarac restaurant, which will broaden the existing tourism offer at Kopacki rit.

There will also be building going on in the well known Baranja rural tourism destination – the village of Bilje where there are plans to build a local style Baranja home, and the city of Beli Manastir will also “get” its first real Baranja ethno house.

Find out more on Baranja Tourist Board http://www.tzosbarzup.hr/ website.

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