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Crkva Svetog Marka, Zagreb

Church of St Mark (Crkva Svetog Marka)

Church of St. Mark (Crkva Svetog Marka) – It was built in the 18th century on a Roman basis and completed as a hall church. The south portal is the most expressive gothic sculptural creation in this part of Europe. Among other things, the Church of St. Mark is known for its multicolored roof tiles, creating the crest of Croatia, Dalmatia and Slavonia on the left side, and the crest of the City of Zagreb on the right side, for the first time. The Church of St. Mark is located on Sv. Marko Square with the Croatian Parliament House on the east side, and Banski Dvori, where Croatian governors once had their seat, on the west side. It is now the seat of the Croatian Government (Sabor Republike Hrvatske) –

Photo Church of St Mark (Crkva Svetog Marka)