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Croatia – a true European camping destination

camping-pomer1All the natural and cultural beauties of this country are just a fraction of the mosaic that makes Croatia a desirable destination for a camping holiday, at any time of the year.

What makes it the perfect choice for campers is its location and proximity.

One can reach Croatia from every part of Europe with just a few hours’ drives, especially with the latest, modern motorways, and you can also be on the accessible Croatian coast within a one or two-hour flight from all the major European cities.

Due to the good transport infrastructure in Croatia itself and the transport connection with various parts of the country, you can spend your ideal holiday in more than one campsite, if you wish you can travel the entire country, and along with new destinations and attractions stay in different campsites.

Croatian campsites are not only located along the coast, but there are also campsites inland, large or small, intended for families with children, youngsters looking for adventure, people who want to enjoy thermal spas or those who want to discover the beauty of the Croatian interior.

Every camper will find exactly what they want in Croatia: from the high-end modern camping parks, with their various facilities, where you can rent a superb mobile home or other accommodation, all the way to little places, which offer a stay in the garden or courtyard of a family run campsite, plus there is also Robinson Crusoe style camping and even glamping.

Croatia is known for its naturist tradition so there are campsites for advocates of naturism, which began to appear quite early on along the Croatian coast, and which today is recognised above all for their high-quality accommodation and service, but also for the safety and the beauty of the landscape which surrounds them.

Croatia can be really proud of the standards of its campsites, which is reflected in numerous prestigious international awards and acknowledgements.

If this is your first time camping in this country, we are confident that you will come again. Just as many campers have already done for decades.

Let your enjoyment of Croatia’s campsites and our beautiful country begin!

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