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Croatia: Hyatt Targets Hotels

Interest in the privatisation and investments in Dubrovnik-based hotels was expressed by famous international hotel chain Hyatt and one of the leading US investment groups Blackstone, ‘CT’ reports.

Their representatives would be arriving in Dubrovnik in the middle of June, which is a direct result of the twinning project between US city of Monterey and Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik city officials returned from a visit to the US last week, and should be meeting their counterparts in Dubrovnik during July, which would also be participated by numerous US businessmen interested in investing in Dubrovnik, including mentioned Hyatt and the Blackstone Group.

In order to implement positive experiences of the city of Monterey in joint projects between the city officials and leading hotel chains in organisation of large congresses, conferences and other similar events, a meeting will be organised in July between the Dubrovnik city officials and heads of leading city’s hotels (Excelsior, Argentina, Hilton Imperial, Pallace, Babin kuk), while the city of Monterey would try to secure the attendance of the city’s head of the Conference Centre and one of the heads of Monterey’s hotels.

During their visit to Monterey, Dubrovnik city officials also visited one of the most famous golf courses in the world – Pebble Beach, which is co-owned by a famous US actor Clint Eastwood. Monterey city officials were especially interested in plans for construction of the golf-course in Srdj, which they consider as a prime quality location in the whole Mediterranean region, and thus a potential project for their investment.

Monterey County managing Board member Dave Potter said that construction of such golf-course in Srdj should be exclusively entrusted to some of the leading companies specialised in this sphere, after which a project should be selected which would be most beneficial to the city of Dubrovnik.

Leading investors and designers of the golf-course in California (Pebble Beach, Spanish Bay) expressed interest in investing and developing a Golf parka Srdj, which is why they announced their visit to Dubrovnik in September this year.

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