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Croatia – the recommended family vacation by NY Times

Beside Morocco and Vietnam, The NY Times recommends Croatia as destination for family vacation for 2008:

Under the subtitle “Cave to Casbah: Adventure for All Ages” in the article “Trips to Help Shape the World” NY Times writes:

” The family vacation is increasingly taking an adventurous turn, with more parents looking for exotic alternatives to yet another trip to Disney World. Here are three far-flung destinations on some families’ to-do lists for 2008..”

After the paragraphs about Vietnam and Morocco, Croatia is described as follows:

Croatia has not only the historic cities of Dubrovnik and Split to offer, but also the “Dalmatian Riviera,” where active families can take part in sailing, kayaking and even mountain biking trips around the various Croatian islands.

This region has some of Europe’s best seafood, though the kids might prefer bureks (pies filled with beef or cheese)”

The article was published in current eddition of NY Times Travel supplement. Link to the article

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