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Croatia Tourism Statistics for 2007

According to Croatian Tourist Board (HTZ) , tourist year 2007 in Croatia closed with record figures.

The first draft of 2007 figures are following:

  • Croatia had a total of 10.8 million visits (6% increase compared to 2006), resulting in just over 57 million overnight stays.
  • Istria had a total of 2.75 million visits. (5% increase compared with 2006), resulting in 18 million overnight stays.
  • Kvarner had a total of 2.45 million visits (5% increase compared with 2006), resulting in 12.6 million ovenight stays.
  • Dalmacija had a total of 4.5 million visits (7% increase compared with 2006), resulting in 24.5 million overnight stays.
  • Croatian Adriatic Coast had a total of just under 10 million visits (7% increase compared with 2006), resulting in just over 55 million overnight stays.
  • Continental Croatia (Slavonija and Central Croatia), had 400 thousand total visits (6% increase compared with 2006), with 850 thousands overnight stays.
  • Zagreb had a total of 606 thousand visits (13% increase compard with 2006), resulting in 1.1 million overnight stays.

Most visitors to Croatia came from Germany, Slovenia and Austria, followed by resident of other European coutries.

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