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Croatia Tourism Statistics January to April 2007

statsAccording to the Croatia Central Bureau Of Statistics, in the first four months of this year Croatia registered a considerable increase in the number of tourists as compared with the same period last year – 14 % more people visited Croatia between January and April and 8 % more registered overnights.

The total of 1.1 million tourists and 2.87 overnights were registered in Croatia in first four months of 2007. The 55% of tourists (601,500) and 59 % of overnights (1.7 million) were registered in April alone.

According to the presentation of the “Feasibility Study of the Development of the Cruising Tourism in Croatia”, held in Dubrovnik , the number of tourists who arrive in Croatia on cruisers has increased by 2.5 times over the past four years.

There were 565 international cruisers in Croatia last year with a total of 597.708 passengers. The number of voyages in 2006 was by 24 per cent higher than in 2005, and the number of passengers on those tours by 17 per cent.

A total of 1,700 cruisers are expected this year and around one million passengers, or an increase by 41 per cent in arrivals of cruisers and 37 per cent in the number of passengers.

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