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Croatia – two new routes – motorway sections opened for traffic

Zadar route GazenicaLast week, two new routes / motorway sections opened for traffic in Croatia:

The first one is route Gaženica – hub Zadar 2 that opened for traffic by Croatian Minister Božidar Kalmeta. He opened the new four-line route Gaženica – hub Zadar 2,  positioned at the motorway Zagreb – Šestanovac, 17.5 km long.

In front of the hub Zadar 2, the minister told the journalists that this represented one of the most important infrastructural objects in the Zadar county and an important starter for the development of the whole region. Kalmeta also mentioned the importance of the future port Gaženica, which will receive 220 million kunas of state funding, offering also a great opportunity for the progress of the whole area.

The second route is A5 Djakovo-Sredanci Section of Motorway that was opened for traffic by Croatian Prime Minister, Ivo Sanader, who has opened the first section of the A5 motorway between Beli Manastir, Osijek and Svilaj, between Sredanci and Djakovo. Some 1.4 billion kuna was invested into 23 kilometres of road which will in the end measure nearly 89 kilometres and pass between Hungarian and Bosnia-Herzegovina borders, becoming a part of the 5C corridor between Budapest, Osijek, Sarajevo and Ploce.

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