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Croatia Water Polo Team won the World Championship


Croatia wins water polo gold medal in world championship[youtube aKk1WrfvOPs] 

Croatia’s Pavo Markovic scored  two goals in extra time to seal the 9-8 win and delight a vocal and mostly pro-Croatian crowd, after the score had been 7-7 at the end of regulation time.

But goalkeeper Frano Vican was the true hero, pulling off some stunning saves, including a blinder late in the final term which helped Croatia push the match into extra time. Croatia’s Teo Dogas quickly replied to again make it a one-goal game, but with two minutes 40 seconds left in the game, Hungary’s Marton Szivos looked certain to again give his side a two-goal buffer.

A mid-pool turnover allowed him to get free on the fast break, giving him as much time as he liked to take a shot from point-blank range, with only Vican to beat. A goal would most likely have sealed the game, but Vican produced an incredible reflex save and the ball was rushed to the other end where Croatia’s Maro Jokovic scored the goal that sent the match into extra time. Markovic and Kiss each scored in the first period of extra time, before Markovic scored the winner midway through the second period. More Croatia Water Polo clips

Ok, I admit, this is not “travel” news – however, bearing in mind that 6 players from winning Croatian Water Polo Team are from Jug Waterpolo Club from Dubrovnik , I consider it to be good enough reason to make it into this blog 😉

 [youtube 2NNEHCrLRt8]

The world’s best Water Polo Players are: Josip PAVI? , Damir BURI? , Andro BUŠLJE , Zdeslav VRDOLJAK, Aljoša KUNAC , Pavo MARKOVI? , Mile SMODLAKA, Teo ?OGAŠ , Maro JOKOVI? , Samir BARA? , Igor HINI? , Miho BOŠKOVI? and Frano VI?AN. Their leader is Ratko Rudic – the waterpolo legend… Related Topic : Croatian Water Polo Players in New York Times

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