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Croatian car rental companies best in Mediterranean

The biggest European auto club, Germany’s ADAC, has published the results of a survey of car renting in the most popular Mediterranean destinations among German tourists, with Croatian car rental providers showing the best score.
The Hertz branch in Dubrovnik rented the highest quality car in the overall survey, ADAC said in a report, adding that Croatian car rental companies scored the most points in terms of the technical quality of cars, while the overall impression was spoiled by poor service, which includes proper customer information and kindness of personnel.
The survey showed a worrying condition of cars being rented to tourists in Mediterranean countries, with 12 of 60 tested cars evaluated as completely unsafe for road traffic.
The survey revealed that the majority of the car rental providers treat customers poorly, fail to inform them about car rental contract details, such as insurance, and are unkind.
The only thing worse than car quality is the quality of personnel helpfulness, said ADAC.
The survey covered car rental providers in Germans’ favorite tourist destinations in the Mediterranean: Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Malta, and Croatia. (Hina)

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