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Croatian Contemporary Art at Reykjavík Arts Festival

The exhibition ‘Welcome – Contemporary Art from Croatia’ opens at Reykjavík Arts Festival
on 16th May at the Gallery 100° presenting Croatian contemporary artists Tanja Dabo, Sinisa Labrovic, Antun Maracic, Toni Mestrovic and Slaven Tolj.

Slaven Tolj and Sinisa Labrovic will perform during the opening ceremony today at 6pm.

The exhibition explores current national themes and attempts to dissolve stereotypes about a country that has become increasingly identified as a tourist destination.

The exhibition is organized by Radmila-Iva Jankovic and JBK Ransu, in collaboration with The Living Art Museum, Reykjavik Energy, Reykjavik Arts Festival, Croatian Ministry of Culture, City of Dubrovnik and Art radionica Lazareti in Dubrovnik.

More info about exhibition at its webpage

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