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Croatian contemporary literature in German

A collection of Croatian contemporary literature entitled ‘Kein Gott in Susedgrad’, will be launched  and presented between 13 and 16 of March 2008 at the Leipzig Book Fair.

The concept for the project was to present the younger generation of Croatian writers which were not so far translated in German language.

Next March, the focus of the Leipzig Book Fair will be placed on Croatia. For many years the Leipzig Book Fair has attached great importance to the promotion of literature from Central and Eastern Europe.

„The most important goal for us to achieve, is to draw a remarkably increased attention towards the Croatian literary landscape” says Oliver Zille, the Leipzig Book Fair’s director. “This project, set out for 3 years, will increase the presence of Croatian literature and of its most interesting authors in the German book market and make them more known.”

An open discourse will be engaged about the role of Croatian culture in the whole of the European cultural landscape and its special mediating role in the region. Existing stereotypes should be brought down and narrowminded political thinking reduced. Literature will make it possible to draw a more differentiated and vivid picture of today’s Croatia.
A wide range of events and presentations will reflect a variety of Croatia’s different aspects.

More info at http://www.crobuch.de/

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