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Croatian Desert: Djurdjevacki Peski Nature Reserve

?ur?eva?ki Peski Nature ReserveThe sand reserves “Djurdjevacki Peski” located on outskirts of Djurdjevac, became a part of network Natura 2000. Djurdjevacki peski is the area of the Eastern part of Djurdjevac, which is believed to be remnants of old Croatian Desert that disappeared years ago. In the area, there still can be seen various cacti and other dessert and endemic plants, unique flora and fauna ( includes about 300 species of butterflies) and din – unique sanded geographical forms.

Djurdjevacki Peski covers the area of about 20 hectares, which is in 1963 pronounced as geographic and botanical reserve.

This is good news for this unique area, as by its inclusion to Natura 2000 network, there will be funds available for preserving this area of unique nature and make it more accessible to visitors and locals.

About NATURA 2000: NATURA 2000 is a basic program in EU nature protection policy. It includes a network of protected areas in all EU countries. These protected areas are important for the conservation of some endangered habitat types and species.
All member states contribute to establishing NATURA 2000 network by specifying Special Areas of Conservation, according to Article 4 of Habitat Directive.

By realizing the ecological threat, nature conservation in Europe has oriented in developing systems of functionally connected areas valuable for threatened species and habitats. This system is called an ecological network. It is based on the network of protected areas, but with some additional parts that give the network ability to maximize protection on relatively small residual natural areas.

The core of the ecological network is constituted of most valuable natural and semi-natural areas (core zones). Usually, they are protected with buffer zones.

Links: Official Djurdjevac Website – http://www.djurdjevac.hr/, National Ecological Network: http://www.cro-nen.hr/

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