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SvStefan1This is a very good news for travel around Croatia, Montenegro and Adriatic coast – Croatian government today recognised Montenegro.

Lot of people who travel around Croatia visit Montenegro too. After this announcement, we expect better transport connections and cooperation between our two neighbouring countries for benefit of everyone 🙂

This is what Hina, the official Croatian news agency says about recognition: “The Croatian Government on Monday recognised Montenegro as a sovereign and independent state and moved for the establishment of diplomatic relations between Zagreb and Podgorica.

Along with the decision on recognition, the Government also adopted a statement on Croatia-Montenegro relations in which it expressed its readiness to develop good neighbourly relations and cooperation with Montenegro “on the principles of equality and reciprocity”, aspiring to Euro-Atlantic associations and permanent strengthening of cooperation between the two countries in the interest of peace, stability and development.

The Government expressed conviction Podgorica would determine historical facts, causes and the role of Montenegro in the 1991-1995 war against Croatia and that it would develop good-neighbourly relations with Croatia based on mutual respect.

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