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Croatian PM: Croatian infrastructure projects will continue

According to HINA, the Croatian News Agency, asked by the press about the continuation of infrastructure projects, Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader said that projects contributing to economic growth would continue, such as road construction, the construction of Pelješac Bridge, railway modernization, the expansion of the gas supply network, and irrigation projects.

A highway will be built to Osijek in eastern Croatia and further east to Beli Manastir, as well as highways to Plo?e in southernmost Croatia and between Zagreb and Sisak, Sanader said, stressing that the construction of Pelješac Bridge in southernmost Croatia, near the Bosnian border, was important for linking Croatian territory, revitalizing nearby islands, and introducing the Schengen regime in Croatia.

Sanader said it was unacceptable that produce from the south had to cross Bosnian territory and that a road from Trpanj to Ploce would be built for this reason.

Speaking of the construction of a new Zagreb airport, he said it should not be funded by the state and the City of Zagreb, but that international tenders should be called, which he would suggest to the city government.

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