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Croatian Tourism Statistics January to October 2007

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (Državni zavod za statistiku – DZS) Croatia registered during the first ten month this year 10.78 million tourist arrivals and 55.1 million tourist nights. Both figures, compared to the same period last year, show an increase by 7.4 and 5.5 percent.

This year, from January till end of October, Croatia was visited by 9.11 million foreign tourist (increase by 7.3 percent comparing to 2006), and during that time those guests spent in Croatia 49.1 million nights (increase by 5.3 percent comparing to 2006).

When it comes to domestic tourist, they realized during those ten months 1.66 million arrivals (plus by 8.5 percent over 2006) and 6 million tourist nights (plus by 9 percent over 2006).

Reviewing only the month of October, official numbers show almost 491 thousand arrivals (plus by 5.6 percent over 2006) and 1.47 million tourist nights (plus by 0.2 percent over 2006).


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