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Direct flight service between Belgrade and Zagreb renewed after 23 years


An airplane of the “Air Serbia company carrying about 100 passengers, including some 40 reporters, from Belgrade landed at Zagreb Airport on Friday morning, and it was the first passenger plane to arrive from Belgrade in Zagreb after 23 years.

At the ceremony marking the the renewed flight service between the Serbian and the Croatian capital, which included also water salute of the aircraft, Air Serbia Director – General Dane Kondic told a news conference that Zagreb was the fourth destination in Croatia to which Air Serbia aircraft flew. The other three destinations are Dubrovnik, Split and Pula.

Air Serbia was set up in July this year by a contract on strategic partnership between Serbia’s government and the United Arab Emirates’ air company Etihad, which owns 49% stake in Air Serbia, and the remainder is owned by the Serbian government.

Air Serbia will operate two daily services from Belgrade to Zagreb and from Zagreb to Belgrade, and a return ticket costs EUR 110.

The very first flight between Belgrade and Zagreb was organised in February 1928 by the company called Aeroput.

In April 1947, after WW2, the JAT company reintroduced this flight service and provided it until August 1991 when the then Yugoslav Federation began disintegrating.

(Hina) 12.12.2014.

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