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  • Europe travel: Split, Croatia is a city at ease with its rich history : I’m trudging up a cobblestone alleyway that climbs a hill pin-cushioned by pines, past a steep slope splattered with flowering shrubs. Their rainbow-coloured blossoms are a dramatic contrast to the blue-green tint of nearby islands that float on the Adriatic like sun-seekers on air mattresses. Orange roofs in the city 200 metres down are foreground for the lavender hues of the surrounding Dinaric Alps…whole article
  • Heaven is Hvar when the hordes have gone – If you stayed in Britain this summer to reap its bumper harvest of Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Wimbledon’s nearly-made-it Andy Murray moment and the country’s hosting of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, you doubtless felt blessed and proud – but possibly a little cheated by the debit column in the summer’s sunshine balance sheet. As the Paralympic Games finally draw to a close today – and with the school holidays well and truly over – perhaps it’s time to address that deficit. For, come autumn, while many European destinations are drained of tourists, there are certain places that come into their own once the crowds have left…whole article
  • Rock of ages Loud and lovely, Pula’s pretty special – PULA in Croatia is best known for its unspoilt scenery, wine-making and fishing. That’s if you’ve heard of it at all. I hadn’t, until I booked tickets for the Outlook music festival — a dirty great beast of an event which seems at odds with its historic surroundings. Pula’s ancient treasures include an impressive Roman amphitheatre that now plays host to the city’s film festival every July…whole article
  • Why Zany Zagreb’s a charmingly barmy tonic for the winter blues – Alphabetically, the Croatian capital of Zagreb may be at the bottom of everyone’s list, but, in fact, it’s an A-star city break, especially in winter.There’s just as much to do indoors here as there is outdoors. One minute, you’re standing on ancient cobblestones in front of St Mark’s Church, with multi-coloured roof tiles that look like they’ve been put together by medieval monks with a liking for Lego. ..whole article
  • Hire yourself a piece of history in ‘the new Tuscany’ – From village houses to palazzos, the Istrian peninsula is the new place to go for charming self-catering properties: With its lush green hills, fertile valleys and honey-coloured medieval hilltop towns, Istria has been described as ‘the new unspoilt Tuscany’. But Istria can stand firmly on its own merits, among which are modest prices, a glorious unpolluted coastline (albeit without sandy beaches), picture-postcard Venetian strongholds such as Rovinj, a safe, tranquil environment – the region was untouched by the civil war of the Nineties – and friendly people. Plus bags of history – there’s scarcely a civilisation that hasn’t left its mark – and the Croatians of today keep up the cultural traditions with exhibitions, concerts and festivals in even the smallest villages.. read more