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Division of Croatian Railways Hrvatske Zeljeznice

TrainsAs of 1 January 2007, The Croatian National Railways Hrvatske Zeljeznice (HZ) will be separated into five different companies in line with the European directives on the market liberalisation.

The newly formed companies are:

HZ – Infrastructure

HZ – Passenger transportation

HZ – Cargo

HZ – Traction

HZ – Hrvatske Zeljeznice Holding d.o.o. for business services.

We are hoping that this long expected split into smaller and more managable companies will improve Croatian Railways services, since they will be left virtually without any state subventions, as the Raiway Infrastucture Company will be the only company being budgeted by the Croatian state.

According to the governement’s announcement, in the next few years they intend to invest about 15 billion Kuna in the development of the Croatian railways.

This is great news for future of travel within Croatia, as trains are one of the least polluting means of transport, so by improving our train services, we will contribute to the enviroment too.

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