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Driving from Dubrovnik to Mostar

In yesterdays edition of Guardian travel, in the article titled “On the road: five writers’ most memorable drives”,  five writers describe their most memorable road trips. Among them, Vesna Maric, one of the 2 expert authors of Lonely Planet Guide to Croatia, with decades of experience of Croatia, wrote a short article titled “Balkan Homecoming” where she describes driving from Dubrovnik to Mostar, her hometown. Here is an excerpt from the article :

“There is no more luxurious place to start a road trip than Dubrovnik. Well, landing in Dubrovnik airport doesn’t send me into raptures, but seeing the city, some 20km up the coast, is as spectacular and exciting as the first time I saw it on a school trip when I was 12… Driving up the winding coastal road towards the border with Bosnia-Herzegovina requires steady nerves – the curves are demanding, the landscape too beautiful to ignore. So I stop along the way in Ston and Mali Ston, two tiny settlements encircled by ancient walls, fantastic spots for eating local mussels and oysters. If they’re in season, I buy a kilo from the stands along the road to take to my mother….”

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