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Dubrovnik among the Best Places To Take Your Yacht

t-nauticat515_7gdThe prestiges blog magazine Luxist, published an interesting article about the world’s best places to take one’s yacht .

According to the blog : “Chartering a yacht is a great way to vacation. It’s like a motor home that doesn’t offend our design sensibilities and happens to have a crew to cater to your every whim.”

The article follows with : ” The Medditerranean is probably the best place in the world to see yachts and be seen on them. From the French Riviera to the Greek Isles, this body of water is packed with every manner of pleasure craft during the European summer.

Dubrovnik is listed on the second place in the blog with the following description: “Dubrovnik – Croatia may not seem like a place that would be great for taking your yacht, but the Dalmatian coast is becoming the new place to go and experience the joys of Mediterranean life. Compared to 1950’s Italy, the laid back atmosphere and ancient walled city makes for a fantastic port of call along the Adriatic.

Following this and similar articles, it seems that more and more wealthy yachtsmen are comming to enjoy Croatia’s old cities, Dalmatian coast and of course, Dubrovnik, the most beautifull among them.

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