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Dubrovnik among breakout cities of the year – AOL’s Best & Worst of 2007


Dubrovnik is chosen with three other cities for Best & Worst of 2007: Breakout cities of the year by AOL Money and Finance :

This is how Dubrovnik is described: ” Dubrovnik, Croatia – Our third breakout city is as old as the others are new. Dubrovnik, founded in the 7th century, was once part of the Byzantine Empire, and later the primary competition to Venice as the cultural center of the Adriatic Sea. The quaint seaside town still features ancient architecture and a rich cultural history that blends the influences of the west and east.

It also offers the relaxing scale of a town of under 50,000 residents. Although Dubrovnik suffered dreadfully through a seven-month siege by the Yugoslav People’s Army during the war of the 1990s, it has been rebuilt in the spitting image of its traditional form.

Today, visitors are drawn by the town’s summer festival and film festival, historical sites such as the old fortress, and access to beaches and the nearby mountains. ”

However, at the moment, Dubrovnik is not doing well as far as voting is concerned (see above snapshot of the poll) as it collected 7% votes only 🙁

If you want to cast your vote for the best and worst cities of 2007 you can do it at this link

The voting will continue through December 25 and winners will be announced on December 28.

Other cities included in this AOL’s poll are Dubai City, Macau and Austin, Texas.

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