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Dubrovnik at Earth TV

dubrovnik live cameraDubrovnik is now presented live at Earth Television Network www.earthtv.com .

I checked their home page and this is what they say there about recently introduced Dubrovnik live camera:

Dear Users, today we have launched a new camera location: Dubrovnik! Dubrovnik is a charming city on the coast of Croatia, with a historical harbour and old town (which is listed as an USESCO world heritage). Here you can have a look at our first videos from Dubrovnik: Dubrovnik, Croatia – click here! Enjoy! Your earthTV team

The Croatian Tourist Board recently announced this new live camera with following info:

Dubrovnik Through The Eyes Of A Global Panoramic Camera: A panoramic camera was recently installed on the roof of Dubrovnik’s famous Hotel Excelsior that will emit a  live picture of the city around the world 3,500 times a year. Billions of people around the world who have access to one of some twenty TV stations including BBC World, SKY Travel, Al Jazzera International, New Delhi TV, China Weather and ProSieben, will have an opportunity to view the panoramic images of Dubrovnik.
Dubrovnik is the first town in Croatia and in this part of Europe that is participating on the Earth Television Network project whose camera on the roof of the Hotel Excelsior will emit, besides a live image of the city, important information and the local weather situation. Included in the Earth TV project along with Dubrovnik are global centres like Vienna, London, Washington, Venice and Dubai.

To be honest, I am bit dissapointed with the whole thing – I was expecting wider angle and better frameshot…for me it all looks as just another webcam 🙁 with some weather info.  Am I missing something ?!

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