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Dubrovnik in winter

Film about winter events in Dubrovnik :

[youtube vEFHfrP-HRk]

This short promotional film is made by Dubrovnik Tourist Board.

This is what they say about winter in Dubrovnik on their site :

Dubrovnik is different in winter, undiscovered, unknown. It becomes a real city, a city of history and science, but also a city for the pleasures of the soul…

..To walk through Dubrovnik in winter, whether with a guided group or alone, or with someone dear, will enrich your soul, more than you think possible. You will get to know a wonderful, amazing city, one you could not even begin to imagine..

…The free Winter Card will allow you to use ninety discounts, from 10 to 50 %, for cinemas, theatre shows, restaurants, Wellness centers, boutiques, souvenir shops, rent-a-car agencies, etc..”

Sounds good  – almost irresistible 🙂 

Read the whole article here

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