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Dubrovnik: Renovation of Hotel Lapad

hotel lapad dubrovnikAtlanska plovidba, the majority owner of Hotel Lapad in Dubrovnik and their Zagreb-based partner INGRA, have launched the renovation of the hotel that should get a four-star rating in May 2008, and in the near future become the reception of a marina that is to be situated in Gruž Bay.

The Hotel Lapad is situated on the peninsula of Lapad, one of the most attractive parts of Dubrovnik, and its reconstruction is only the first phase, as the plan also foresees the construction of a marina  along the entire southern shore of the waters of Gruž, which the Hotel Lapad will serve as a reception of sorts.

Demolition has started on the highest floors of the hotel were the rooms are being widened and their number reduced.

Instead of the current 190 rooms, the hotel will feature 140 and the capacity of the old section will be reduced from the former 53 to 33 rooms. The ninth floor will house the hotel services and will have a separate entrance.

Future plans also include filling in the current swimming pool and the demolition of the existing restaurant that is to be replaced by new facilities to the east of the hotel, on a thousand-square-metre lot that Atlanska plovidba has purchased from private parties.

The complete renovation and expansion of the hotel complex on the shores of Lapad cannot, however, be launched presently as this part of the city has yet to adopt a zoning plan. Hotel Lapad web: http://www.hotel-lapad.hr/ + Dubrovnik Tourist Board http://www.tzdubrovnik.hr/

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  • Wendy Shell on January 18th, 2008 1:38 pm

    I hope that the renovation will be carried out with sensitivity and will not spoil the unique, old-world atmosphere of this lovely little hotel. It is unique in my experience, and such hotels should be encouraged and cherished, not modernised all the time. I hope also that the new swimming pool will be at least the size of the existing one. And, most importantly, that the kind and helpful staff of the existing Hotel Lapad will be retained.

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