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Dubrovnik Tourist Board unveils new logo

Dubrovnik Tourist Board unveils new logo – a compact typographical solution combining monumental letter-symbols which link the regular structure of the Dubrovnik‘s grid plan on the one hand, with the imposing fortifications on the other. The impression of a view of the Dubrovnik Old City surrounded by walls is emphasised by adding a flag (banner) and a round sentry post, eye-catching, clear focal points contained in every view of the city walls. By placing the word Dubrovnik in three rows, which emphasises the impression of compactness, the well-known, ingrained pattern of the Libertas flag is used. The slogan the City in the palm of your hand, which suggests the Tourist Board’s basic function, is a reminder of the painting of the city in the palm of its patron saint, Saint Blaise.

The new logo is design by graphic designer Orsat Frankovi? of Laboratorium, Zagreb based design studio.

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