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Spotlight on: Dubrovnik Move over St. Tropez: Dubrovnik is the new hot seaside resort in Europe: Breaking news: The French Riviera is officially passé. The new hot spot: Dubrovnik, Croatia. Indeed, crowds are once again flocking to this wondrous city on the southernmost stretch of Croatia’s coast, as enchanted by its beauty today as the Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw, who once proclaimed, “If you want to see heaven on earth, come to Dubrovnik.” While you may have first heard of this UNESCO World Heritage Site in the early 1990s, when images of a city under fire flashed across TV screens during the break-up of Yugoslavia, that episode of the city’s history now seems a distant memory. The city has been magnificently restored to its former glory to emerge as one of the most fashionable vacation spots in all of Europe…. read whole article


During a contest held by the Croatian Tourist Board and various media sponsors, a committee surveyed all tourist cities along the Adriatic during the three summer months. Under the category of cities, Dubrovnik was chosen as the city that had invested the most efforts in making the city more beautiful and attractive. There is no doubt that the Dubrovnik Tourist Board also invested much in ensuring this prestigious award for Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik also won awards in other categories – for the best maintained streets – with the Šetalište kralja Zvonimira in Lapad, and in the category of the excursion supply – with the sightseeing sailship Karaka.

Dubrovnik: Walled City by the Sea: Sunny beaches, succulent seafood and a taste of “la dolce vita”…in Eastern Europe? Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast — the southern third of the country’s coastline — is Eastern Europe’s Riviera and the medieval city of Dubrovnik is the jewel in its crown. Within the city’s ramparts, the traffic-free Old Town is a fun jumble of quiet, cobbled back lanes; tasty seafood restaurants; narrow, steep alleys; and kid-friendly squares. After all these centuries, Dubrovnik’s buildings still hint at old-time wealth and the central promenade remains the place to see and be seen. …” read whole article

Hidden CAVE Near Dubrovnik – Legend says fairies used to dance in the large chambers of the Vjetrenica cave, in southern Bosnia. The dancers were beautiful, but traces on the ground betrayed their cloven feet, the story goes. Today, the cave is praised by scientists as one of the richest in the world for underground biological life, but war and neglect have hindered efforts to shine the light of international acclaim on its treasures. Located in the south of Bosnia, about 25 km (15 miles) north of the ancient Adriatic town of Dubrovnik, the cave was put on the United Nations preliminary list for World Heritage sites last December – the first step in a complex process to win an official nomination to the list… read whole article

Balkan Surprise- Dubrovnik: …. “Famed for its charming, set-piece beauty, Dubrovnik seemed an appropriate backdrop for testing this rumor. This seaside city of 30,000 people punctuates the coast and is centered around a historic walled core that’s been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its car-free corridors and imposingly uniform stone buildings serve as reminders of the maritime-derived wealth amassed between the 15th and 17th centuries. Though besieged and shelled by Serb forces in 1991, the proud city has reclaimed its former role as a magnet for the chic and glamorous. …” read more

Dubrovnik – Adriatic pearl recovers its lustre – BBC News : ….Now, more than a decade after the blockade, the town nicknamed the “Pearl of the Adriatic” is recovering its lustre. Buoyed by a tide of tourists and a boom in property prices, Dubrovnik’s old centre has erased most marks of the assault. Holidaymakers once again crowd its polished marble streets, flocking to nearby beaches and an annual cultural festival, while the famous red-tiled roofs have been restored. read more

Dubrovnik – Where streets are paved with marble : When I first laid eyes on Dubrovnik’s main road I had an overwhelming desire to rip off my shoes and slip down it in my socks or, even better, dive belly first and see how far I could slide. The road, known as the Stradun, was so shiny I could almost see my face in it.

‘It’s made out of pure marble,’ a companion told me and I spluttered in disbelief. Isn’t marble reserved for the lobbies of five-star hotels or the bathrooms of the super-rich? Apparently not … read whole article

Dubrovnik – Wonderwall – Walk through any one of old Dubrovnik’s three city gates, and you’ll find a litter tray for cigarette ends and chewing gum. Inside, the reason becomes apparent. Dubrovnik is the Bath of the Balkans: a pristine set-piece walled town where shop signage is written on removable banners and only one colour is allowed for doors – a classic dark green, which combines most agreeably with the town’s yellow limestone bricks and terracotta roof tiles. Litter would be a wart on its face… read whole article

Paddle your cares away in the pearl of the Adriatic – We set out from Dubrovnik for Kolocep, on the cleanest section of the cleanest coastline on the Mediterranean. The sea is so clear that by the shore it looks as it would in a glass of water. Then, as you head out, it takes on the faintest of jade tinges. As you watch the sea bed drop away from under you, you feel like a baby bird launching off a cliff for its first flight. Then, all of a sudden, your paddle is dipping into deep indigo water. When a cross breeze makes it choppy the sea is transformed into a vast, infinitely faceted sapphire…. read whole article

Dalmation hotspots – Dubrovnik: a medieval theme park – Dubrovnik is a fairytale city every bit as magical as Bruges or Venice. The old town looks like a giant Bastille, surrounded by ramparts 2km long and up to 25m high. There is no motorised transport beyond the main entrance, the Pile gate, just a warren of baroque churches and stone houses with honey-coloured roofs. We are lucky that it is still there….. read whole article

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