Dugi Otok

dugi-otok1Dugi Otok is well known for it’s nature park Telascica which is a natural extension of Kornati islands – it is a very long bay about 10km, and it’s width stretches from very narrow one (about 160 m) to almost 2 km.

Dugi Otok is suitable for trekking, walking, riding a bike, and fishing (it is allowded all over the island, except Park of Nature Telascica), and, if you are not comming by a boat, you can easily rent it, and investigate the beaches approachable only from the sea, or some of many other surrounding islands.

The beaches at Dugi otok are mostly rocky, and in villages with concrete terrasses. Most of the coast is not high, so it could easily be reached from the sea as from the land. At the nort part of the island, there is a beautiful sandy beach, Saharun. Naturism is often practiced, so, excluding the beaches in the villages and ports, all other can be concerned “mixed” or naturist. (Check photos: Dugi Otok – Telascica & cliffs of Telascica, Dugi Otok)

Dugi Otok Hotels

Ferries to Dugi Otok:

  • Ferry Zadar Brbinj (Dugi Otok)
  • Ferry catamaran Zadar – Sali (Dugi otok) – Zaglav (Dugi otok)
  • All ferries to Dugi Otok

Places on Dugi Otok Island:

Božava – One of the nicest ports of Dugi otok with long touristic tradition. Placed in a bay surrounded by pine woods. Accommodation is available in hotel complex and private apartments. From reach touristic offer we especially point excellent restaurants and diving center, which is active for a many many years because the village is surrounded with many attractive touristic destinations. At summer months, in Bozava port there are many tourist yachts. At Bozava pristaju regular boat lines from Zadar. There are post office, ambulance, tourist office, shops and restaurants in the village.

Sali – Touristic and fisherman’s village at the south end of the island, towards Kornati archipelago. Sali is the biggest island’s port, and the last point to nautics in their navigation to National park Kornati and Park of Nature Telašcica.With it’s 1.000 inhabitants, it is biggest and main island’s center, from ancient times known for preparation of fish. In Sali, there is one of the oldest factories for preparation of sardinas at the whole Adriatic , Mardesic. At summer afternoons, there are many tourist yachts in Sali’s port , at the south-west side of the village there
is a new, 100 m long mole, built recently. Hydrogliser from Zadar and a boat called Lara, also from Zadar,
regularly consent. For 43 years, at the first weekend of August farly
known Saljska fiesta Saljske Uzance, takes place. It’s traditional
fishermans fiesta with fishing contest and races of donkies
and other sports and cultural manifestations. Sali offers quite vacations in private accommodation
or in hotel complex. There are two diving centers in the village,
because the village is surrounded by many attractive diving

From Sali’s touristic offer, we especially point: hotel, numerous
of pleasant restaurants with gastronomic offer, konobas, shops,
caffes, conditory, post office, police office, port authority.. In the village there are a few excursion boats
which will take you to wanted destination or wholeday trip.

Zaglav is one of smaller island’s
villages; placed at the south part of the island , 4 km from
Sali (the biggest village). Zaglav is placed in well protected
bay. Beside for two excelant restaurants, it is farly known
because there is the only gas station at the island (for both
car and boats) and in wide aquatory. The village is placed under bay Triluke, which is surrounded
by fields, makia and olive gardens. For the first time it was
mentioned in documents from XV. century, and it was inhabitated
by refudges from Turkish emperors. From the same century dates
an old Franciscan monastry and St. Mihovil’s Church. The port is protected by long barrage, which conects Dugi otok’s
coast with small island towards it, on which there is a lighthouse. In private accommodation, you can enjoy peaceful and pleasant

Zman was first mentioned in XIV.
century by name Mezano. The village is surrounded by rugged
lakes Velo jezero i Malo jezero, which are the main and only
source of watter to local fields, especially vineyards, from
the late autumn till spring. Zman’s port is suitable for consenting your boat.

Towards the village, there are two little islands Krknata i
Vaka. The coast arround the islands is sandy so it represent
a very attractive destination for swimming and enjoying the
sun. The accommodation is available in private apartments. The owners
will offer you a naturaly grown, domestic food grown at the
numerous of local fields. There are ambulance and post office, two shops and the restaurant
in the village.

Luka is pitoresque village at
the east side of the island, with well protected port, one of
the biggest at Dugi otok. At the entrance to the bay there is
little island Lucki placed, suitable for pristajanje and swiming.
Under the village there is a hill Vela straza (338 metara),
the highest point of the island. Close to Vela straza there
are tree caves, the nicest Kozja pec with a 30 m long hole. Accommodation is available in private apartments, pansions and
in the small hotel. Luka guarantees peaceful vacation without tense, far away from
mass tourism, with peaceful bays and beaches and hospital service.

Vela Rava is center and main
village at the island Rava. In Vela Rava there is the only school,
church, market and post office at the whole island. There is
a football ‘stadion’ where each year, at the day of Rava’s Fiesta,
traditional tournaments take place for a many decades now.

Mala Rava is placed on the north
side of the island. In main bay, Lokvina, are suited most of
houses. It is oriented to Dugi otok. Bay Tanko, on the opposite
side of the main bay, is oriented to island Iz. There is a St.Peter’s
chappell in the village and an interesting monument built for
all the II. World War victims.

Savar is the village in the middle
of the island, first mentioned in XIII. century. It is the smallest bay on the nort-east side of the island.
Mole is placed on the prevlaci which connects the village with
small island Pelegrin, with pitoresque church and old sanitary. Savar is the right choice for those seeking quite vacation and
hospitality. The port Savar is opened to winds from north.

Brbinj has two ports: at north-west bay Lucina,
and one at north-east side. Brbinj is the village in which the ferry (from Zadar) arrives.
Inspite of this, the village is very peaceful. With it’s position
in the middle of the island can be ideal punct for investigating

There are 150 inhabitants in the village, their priorities are
agriculture and fishing meaning – that is the place you can
buy domestic, natural grown vegetables and fruits and fresh
fish. Accommodation is available only in private apartments and rooms,
and it makes Brbinj pleasant destination for family vacation. There are post office and a few restaurants in the village.

Dragove, is placed on the hill,
4 km south-east from Brbinj at the edge of little field, distanced
400 m from bay Bokasin. Towards the north-east coast are the
islands: Tatisnjak, Veliki Planatak, Mali Planatak te Magarcic,
and towards south-east coast little island Mezanj with sandy

Soline was first time mentioned
in XI. century and it is among the oldest villages at Dugi otok.
It is called by saltery, which exists in the bay Soliscica from
ancient times. The village is isolated and therefor suitable for quite vacation
for families in private accommodation. There is St. Jakob’s churc dated from XV. century in the village. South from the village at “east;” side of the island
there is a beautifull sandy beach Saharun, surrounded by pine
woods, very attractive to swimmers.

Veli rat – One of the most attractive
locations of Dugi otok certainly is Lighthouse in Veli Rat at
last west point of the island, 20 NM at west from Zadar.

Lighthouse in Veli Rat is one of the nicest at the Adriatic
(bulit 1849 Y); there are many legends about it, for example
that it had been painted at its interesting yellow colour by
eggs, 1.000 of them. There is a romantic chappell near the Lighthouse,
perfect for somebody’s romantic wedding.

The Lighthouse is surrounded by pine woods, beautiful bays,
and a lot of beaches where you can enjoy loneliness, recreation
and sports, long walks, jogging, swimming, diving …From the lighthouse there is an extraordinary view to surrounding
villages and the sea.Surrounding sea is reach by fish, and those who dive into the
sea will see numerous of forms and colours of subsea and it’s
reach flora and fauna.

You can reach the Lighthouse by main island’s road which connects
south and north end of the island.The closest villages are Veli Rat, Verunic and
Polje, distanced only 3 km from Lighthouse and 9 km from ferry
port Brbinj.Veli Rat and Verunic are villages suited each
by one side of bay Zuna, which is by chanel connected with bay
Pantera. Those village’s coast is really pretty, with little
rocks. Veli Rat area was inhabited in roman times, and nowdays
village had beed mentioned for the first time in 1327. Y. called
“ad Punctas”. Whole this area is reach by fish, suitable for nautical turisam,
and pines, sandy beaches, untouched nature and all that harmony
of sea, land, sky and people attracts visitors like a magnet.