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Eco-museum Casa Della Batana in Rovinj added to UNESCO list


The project of the preservation of intangible heritage of Rovinj through the Eco-museum Casa Della Batana has been added to the UNESCO list of the world’s best intangible heritage conservation projects at the session of the UNESCO Inter-governmental Committee for Intangible Heritage held in December 2016, the Croatian Culture Ministry said in a statement.

The nomination of the Batana museum was supported by international institutions such as Newcastle University, the European Maritime Heritage (for private owners of traditional ships), museums from Pesaro, Venice and more.

The House of the Batana is an internationally award-winning museum, designed in a modern, fun and active way that revives the rich fishing tradition in Rovinj, protecting the tangible and intangible cultural heritage, and preserves and displays the habits of the people who for centuries lived in Rovinj in harmony with the sea and its resources, with particular emphasis on the batana, the traditional Rovinj fishing boat.

The entire project of the eco-museum House of the Batana is one of the most important cultural projects of Rovinj.

The session was attended by Croatian Assistant Culture Minister Davor Trupkovic, head of the Croatian UNESCO Commission Rut Carek, and head of the Batana museum Tamara Nikolic Djeric.

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