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Ethical Travel Guide published

Ethical Travel GuideFind-Croatia Travel Guide is pleased to feature in ‘The Ethical Travel Guide’ by by Polly Pattullo and Orely Minelly for Tourism Concern (Earthscan, 2006).

Tired of tourist traps and guilt trips, or just want to have a positive impact on the people and places you visit? THE ETHICAL TRAVEL GUIDE lists over 300 amazing places in 60 countries that benefit local people. From simple local-style holidays, treks, construction projects in Tibet, art holidays, and culinary and luxury retreats, there is something to suit every taste and budget. This is the essential resource for responsible global travellers.

“All too often the problems are well hidden,” says Tricia Barnett, Director of Tourism Concern. “How would you know that this beautiful hotel is on land snatched from fishermen and for which they weren’t compensated? How would you know that the water in the pool and shower are depleting local people’s resources and their access to water is limited to two hours a day – as in villages in Goa?”

“ As ever, Tourism Concern is at the forefront of efforts to ensure that the benefits of tourism are shared much more equitably.” JONATHON PORRITT, Forum for the Future

“A crucial read for any ecologically-aware traveller” IAN WALLER, Real Travel Magazine.

An eye-opening Introduction to ethical tourism from Guardian journalist Polly Pattullo: What is Ethical Tourism? / What’s Wrong with Traditional Tourism? / Case Study: The Gambia / New Role of Consumers – Why be an Ethical Consumer? / Globalisation: A New Trip…

Ethical Travel Guide can be purchased from Earthscan website : http://earthscan.co.uk

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