Exhibition about Croatian Architecture

For all of you who happend to be in Hungary in next few weeks, and are interested in Croatian Architecture, the Exhibition ‘Continuity of Modernity – Fragments of Croatian Architecture From Modernism To 2010’ will be open tommorow on University of Pécs – Technical Faculty Pollack Mihály in Hungary (http://english.pte.hu/menu/102/26 ) and will last until 19.03.2010.

The exhibition that includes villas, housing blocks, schools, churches, monuments and infrastructure projects, is presenting Croatian architecture projects from thirties, fifties, sixties and nineties up until 2010.

The cities covered by this exhibition include Zagreb, Split  and Dubrovnik, with introduction to work by Frane Cota, Stjepan Planic, Nikola Dobrovic, Ivan Vitic, Kazimir Ostrogovic, Hrvoje Njiric and 3LHD.

The exhibition is accompanied by an English-language catalogue, with a foreword by Andrija Rusan, publisher and editor of Oris, Croatian magazine for architecture.

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