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Exhibition Architecture as Landscape: A Morphology of Contemporary Croatian Architecture


Exhibition Architecture as Landscape: A Morphology of Contemporary Croatian Architecture is open from the 19.06.2010 to 04.07.2010 as part of the London Festival of Architecture International Showcase.

Known for its landscapes and the architecture of its cities, Croatia is also a land of profound synthesis of its natural resources and its architecture. The relationship between the landscape and architecture is the subject of the Croatian participation at the LFA 2010’s Embassies Project. The location of the building of the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia is near the Fitzroy Square, one of London’s premier jewels of city-planning and landscaping. The Fitzroy Square Garden is an inspiration and the site for the exhibition, thanks to the generous support of the Fitzroy Square Frontagers’ & Garden Committee.

Coincidentally, it was the Square’s architect, Robert Adam, a noted British 18th century architect, who in 1764 introduced the Diocletian’s Palace in Split internationally, as the architectural crown jewel of the Croatian coast. In this return visit to Mr Adam’s Garden, Croatian architects and some surprise local guest exhibit a series of projects that present a segment of Croatia’s modern and contemporary architecture not associated with the more rigid, Euclidean architectural language, but with a constant stream of liberated architectural spaces, moulded together with the landscape and blended with it. The projects span from early experimental architects’ works exploring organic and kinetic structures as precedents for buildings to the most recent buildings of Croatian architects, visibly present on the international architectural scene.

Due to their beautiful settings, most of the projects exhibited at the Fitzroy Square might be perceived as an invitation to a visit. So the message from Croatian architects reads: Thank you, Mr Adam, and you are welcome, too!

The exhibition is a project of Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia in collaboration with Croatian Embassy London and Croatian Architects’ Association.

The lecture about Croatian contemporary architecture will be on Sunday the 20th of June from 12 to 12.40 in the pavilion in Park Crescent, W1.

With the kind permission of the Fitzroy Square Frontagers’ & Garden Committee, this exhibition is open to the public, Monday to Friday 12 to 5 pm and on weekends 11am to 3pm.

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