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Ferries from Venice to Croatia

Ferries from Venice to Croatia
Ferries from Venice to Croatia

On the above map of ferries from Venice to Croatia, you can see all ferries that sail to Croatia from Venice. They sail in the spring and summer only. By October they all stop operating and usually start again in mid-April of the following year. So, between November and March, there are no ferry sailings between these destinations.
If you are traveling out of season, you will have to use a car, bus, or train to reach Croatia from Venice. However, in the summer, there are also some flights to choose from.

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Here is a list of current ferry lines that operate from Venice to Croatian ports:

  • Ferry Venice to Porec
  • Ferry Venice to Rovinj
  • Ferry Venice to Pula
  • Ferry Venice to Rabac
  • Ferry Venice to Losinj
  • Ferry Venice to Piran

You can find all info, schedules, prices, and ticket booking for Venice fast ferries on this croatiaferries page

There are at least three ferry companies that operate these routes: Venezia Lines, Adriatic Lines and nearby Liberty Lines that are operating from Trieste to Croatia. For more info and booking, check all ferries that sail from Italy to Croatia page.

It takes just a few hours to get from Venice to Istria as all these lines are run by fast foot passenger ferries. The prices for travel tickets are in the range from 45 Euro to 60 Euro one way depending on the route and the day of travel. You can also take your bicycle on these ferries but you have to pay for it.

Other vehicles are not allowed so basically there are no car ferries between these destinations.

If you are traveling by car you have to drive around. Pets are also allowed if carried according to the rules. You have to pay an additional fare for pets too but at least they are allowed as opposed to some ferry companies that completely ignore pet travel (shame!)

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